Cards are annoying, they fill up your wallet, make your pockets heavy and are to easily lost, something that a lot of manufactures have been trying to make better with the introduction of mobile payments like Google Wallet, but none of these have actually solved the problem, so in comes a newcomer, called Coin they want to remove the need for a smartphone by using a card that can store data from all your other cards on a small computer chip, to pay you simply swipe the card as you would with a normal credit card.

To load a card onto Coin, you simply plug the card into an iPhone’s 3mm jack, scan your card by taking a picture and your ready to go, when you want to make a payment you simply select the card and swipe.

All stored data is said to be secured on Coin’s own servers with 128/ 256 bit encryption for every transaction.

And that’s not all, the card can also be synced to your smartphone using Bluetooth LE, allowing you to locate a lost card via push notification.

There’s charging to do either, as the battery inside lasts for around two years, however you will need a new one when that time does come around.

Coin can be pre-ordered today for $50, expected to begin shipping in Summer 2014.

Via: BGR

Source: Coin

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