Today Colorful unveiled a brand new motherboard this month called the Colorful iGame Z370 Ymir U, which is a motherboard that has been designed specifically designed for gamers and will be added to the iGame series of motherboards, which was unveiled at Computex 2017.

The motherboard comes with Metal Overlap Armor that includes Colourful’s metal armour, dual colours overlap, and GamerVoice 2.0 system, which allows the RGB lighting on the motherboard to “dance according to the music” that you are playing, which can also be adjusted in the motherboard’s BIOS.

GamerVoice also features an independent audio card and an alternative audio chip, with their advanced audio circuit segmentation technology and material that allows the board to drive headphones with 600?resistance.

To top that off, the card comes with Dual M.2 slots that support M.2 SSD and are capable of providing up to 32Gb/s data transmission, with more performance than mSATA or SATA 3.0 it provides better use of PCB space without waste.

There are also two yellow USB ports on the left of the card that has been designed specifically for eSports and were designed to provide better connectivity and maximised game performance with faster mouse movements and smoother controls in the game according to Colorful.

It also comes with silver plating technology, which Colorful explained more about with the following:

This motherboard equips with unique technology that only iGame can bring- Silver Plating Technology. The antioxidative and stability of copper plating are far from Silver Plating for PCB. After the improvement and testing, the product can maintain millions of fast flection because each touch point is plated with silver between component and PCB circuit layer. Besides, it will increase stability and filter ripple wave’s noise in overclocking which is 2 times of copper plating. This technology was put into market via iGame graphics card, and get much attention, featuring a “Silver Plating”.


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