Apple hasn’t been great with updating the Mac Pro over the years, in fact, the Mac Pro hasn’t ever recieved a substantial update, which has left a few customers annoyed and dreaming of what an upgradable Mac Pro would look like.

Since Apple announced that they are working on a new version of the Mac Pro, some have imagined what this would look like and the guys over at CURVED have designed a modular Mac Pro concept to help you also imagine what this might be like.

They explained it with the following:

The Mac Pro has always been controversial: for some it simply was the “trash can” (due to its design), for others a powerful machine. At CURVED we have been producing our videos on the Mac Pro for many years. But ever since its release an update failed to materialize. That was three years ago.

Apple recently announced it would finally update the Mac Pro. There’s even talk of a modular design. So what might that look like? How would it work? Our new CURVED/labs focuses on those questions, borrowing from the predecessor and adding, among other novelties, swiveling casing components providing for easier access.

They also released the following video to show the concept off.

Of course, we don’t know what the Mac Pro will work or look like just yet, however, if it is anything like this, we are sure that a lot of people would be left satisifed.

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