When Apple announced their new wireless earbuds, the AirPods, they only revealed a version in white.

This is slightly strange considering the iPhone’s new Black and Jet Black designs, it seems as though Apple missed an opportunity to combine these two and allow for further customisation.

And it isn’t just us that thought that. A number of people on the web have mentioned it to. In fact, one designer named Martin Hajek went as far as to show what the Apple AirPods could look like if they were available with a Jet Black finish like the iPhone 7.

The images he posted of the concept look really cool, showing a jet black finish that makes the wireless airpods look a lot sleeker, and a cool gold-like finish.

Check out some images of the concept below, also be sure to hit up the source link, where you can find a few more concept images from the designer himself.

29626700525_16a6e126a6_b 29545702321_7343e9b402_b

Source: Martin Hajek

Via: 9to5Mac

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