One of the most interesting projects that we have seen in some time has to be Mesh, launched on Amazon this week, it is a sort of DIY smart home kit that allows you to transform pretty much anything in your home into a connected device.

Basically, Mesh is a set of small, wireless tags that can be attached to a range of household object and then used to control that object other the internet, with a range of functions including motion sensing, brightness sensing and both temperature and humidity monitoring.

And what’s more, you don’t need any kind of electronics degree to use mesh, just place it on a device and then set it up through the app.

Mesh simply sounds like a great way to get into the Internet of Things without having to work out how to use new equipment, or replace what you already have.

Take a quick look at it via the video below, and find out more about it at the source link just below that.

Source: Mesh

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