During a recent HoloLens hackathon in San Francisco, Ian Sterling developed a new application for Microsoft’s HoloLens AR headset to allow you to control the IoT equipment around you.

The app has been named IoTxMR and allows you to simply glance your eyes at a smart device to control it, or use a range of gestures in order to control commands or applications.

Here’s a brief description of it:

IoTxMR is a proof of concept application developed in 48 hours at the Microsoft Holo-hackathon held in San Francisco. The primary goal of the app is to provide a 3D spatial UI for cross-platform devices — Android Music Player app and Arduino-controlled fan and light — and to interact with them using gaze and gesture control.

The connectivity between Arduino and a mixed reality device is something which holds a huge amount of creative opportunity for developers to create some very exciting applications — be it [Internet of Things], robotics, or other sensor data visualization. Besides this, our app features some fun ways to connect devices. Our demo featured a connection between a music player and a light in order to set a certain mood in your home.

You can also check it out via the video below.

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