Today Cooler Master revealed the launch of a couple of new liquid coolers that will support AMD’s new AM4 socket.

They have been dubbed the MasterLiquid 120 and the MasterLiquid 240, which will not only feature support for that AM4 socket but also other processors and sockets, including Intel’s Kaby Lake.

But more interestingly, the cooler features a low-profile design with a low-profile dual chamber pump, and a fiber-reinforced polymer construction.

The pump and water block assembly also attached to the radiator with sleeved FEP tubing.

Cooler Master says that this design will resist a broad range of chemicals and will be unaffected by any moisture or immersion in the water, they also say that the pump is lightweight and impervious to oxidation and corrosion, a pretty good set of specifications for any water cooling system.

Both the MasterLiquid 120 and 240 features two sets of fans, the 120 has a push-pull setup with a fan on each side of the radiator, while the 240 sits both fans inside of the radiator.

Both of the coolers are available today, the MasterLiquid 120 will be priced at £70 and the MasterLiquid 240 will be priced at £80 from a number of retailers around the world.

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