This week Cooler Master launched a brand new gaming headset named the MasterPulse Pro and was launched today for €100.

It is the second handset in the companies line of new over-ear gaming headsets, but it’s not the last.

Next up will be a wireless MasterPulse Maker headset, which Cooler Master says will be available in early 2017. But getting back to the Cooler Master MasterPulse Pro Headset that this article was about, that new headset features its own on-board sound card, 44mm drivers and optional virtual 7.1 surround sound.

It also features Cooler Master’s patented Bass FX technology, which allows listeners to quickly enhance the bass that is coming out of the headphones, on-the-fly. On top of that feature, you can also choose between two sound modes by removing or attaching the magnetic ear cup side panels.

It also features 3 + 1 equalizer profiles, with removable sound panels for customisation and a build that is said to be comfortable and convenient.

You can read more about them at the source link below.

Source: Cooler Master

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