Cooler Master has this week announced a couple of new Cherry MX gaming keyboard, the MasterKeys Pro L and the Pro S. The Pro L features a full-size keyboard with a number keypad, the Pro S cuts the number keypad but is otherwise exactly the same.

Both of the keyboards feature Cherry MX Brown switches (with other options coming soon), along with LED lighting with “multiple lighting modes”.

These lighting mode presets includes “Color Wave, Breathing, and other responsive effects” according to Kevin Yang, the Peripherals Product Manager at Cooler Master, who also said that you will be able to switch between red, brown or blue MX switches.

The lighting has been designed to fit theses switches, with brighter LEDs that can “radiate 16.7 million colors” according to Yang.

This lighting will be controlled via the included software, and Cooler Master have confirmed that they are working on an SDK to allow for further customization.

Both of the keyboards will be available by the end of March, or at the beginning of April, we don’t yet know the prices, but you can find out more about them at the source link.

Sources: Cooler Master (MasterKeys Pro L) – (MasterKeys Pro S)


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