According to reports from Eater this week, one of Kickstarter’s most successful campaigns is now broke, and looking to raise the funds required to deliver its product to over 60,000 customers. That campaign is Coolest Coolers, which was originally funded on August 30, 2014, with a total raised of $13,285,226, a huge wad of cash for what is essentially a cooler with a battery, speaker and blender, mixed with some drinking and eating accessories.

It is such a huge amount, that it is actually the second most funded Kickstarter project ever, only beaten by Pebble, who raised $20,338,986 in funding.

The cooler received so much funding because it is basically the outdoor party goers dream, featuring not only enough space for up to 55 quarts of chilled refreshments but also adding in a battery-powered blender, USB charger, Bluetooth speaker, cutting board and accessories.

Sadly, this campaign did not end in a party, and many backers have been met with huge delays, so much so that many of them still have yet to receive their cooler nearly 2 years later, despite the company launching a number of units on Amazon.

This week the company did confirm that it was seeking investors to provide the needed capital needed to ship the coolers, with the company’s CEO Ryan Grepper stating the following in the email:

“In the process of identifying the right partner who can provide the capital and strategic resources to fund the remaining production of backer rewards and help grow the company to the next level. We’re not quite there yet, but it is moving forward.”

Obviously, this isn’t enough for a lot of backers, many of whom want their money back, and have even said that they will stop using the Kickstarter service altogether, showing that the project may have left a bad stain on the crowdfunding service.


It will be interesting to see how this unfolds over the next few months, we hope that all of these backers get their products, however, even those who have received haven’t provided it with praising reviews, with some stating that it is too heavy, and even a little flimsy.

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