Here at TechNutty we regularly browse the web to find the latest tech and gadgets and so we figured that we would round up some of these products into a list and so here that is, here’s our list of the best tech and gadgets that we can find in May 2017.

Check them out below.


Popsockets is a pretty cool accessory for your smartphone that makes it easier to hold and prop up against surfaces to create a better viewing angle on a desk or another surface. And with the Popsocket Combo pack it will also work with the Popclip car mount for an easy car mounting solution.

This Popsocket can be stuck to the back of your smartphone or its case and then it’s ready to do all of this.

Buy for £9.99 from Red5

EFOTOPRO Pro Handheld Video Camera Stabilizer Steady

The EFOTOPRO Pro is a great option if you are looking to improve video footage from any of your cameras, as a video stabilizer it has been designed to make your video footage more stable, no matter your camera, be it a Point and Shoot, DSLR, a GoPro, a smartphone, or any other camera that weighs up to 2.1lbs.

It features a comfort grip handle with a sturdy aluminium alloy build that is also pretty lightweight.

Buy for £21.99 from Amazon

The Microblock iPhone 6 and 7 case

If the cases on the market don’t interest you that much and if you are looking to create your own iPhone 6 or 7 case then the Microblock case might be a great option for you, featuring 160 lego-esk blocks that allow you to build your own designs.

Buy for £12.99 from Amazon

The round selfie LED light

If you are having problems with taking selfies then this LED light will definitely interest you.

As a round LED light, it is ready to light up your face with a total of 36 LEDs that features three levels of lighting controls over the halo shape for an evenly lit selfie.

It is also powered by its own rechargeable battery and can clip onto any smartphone.

Buy for £19.99 from Firebox

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay P2

The Beoplay P2 is the latest speaker from Bang & Olufsen, it won’t be released until May 8th, 2017, however, you can pre-order the new Bluetooth speaker today,

This new speaker is pretty interesting because it features a sleek design that you would expect from B&O, as well as a splash and dust-resistant body that is so compact that slips into your pocket or bag easily.

It also comes with a built-in microphone and a 10-hour battery life that is rechargeable over USB-C.

Buy for £149 from Amazon

The nCube smart home hub

The thing about smart home technology is that it isn’t very smart, there are a range of companies developing stuff right now, all of whom have different ideas, use different hubs, and have different apps.

To tie all of these today, the nCube smart home hub was developed.

It has been designed to control all of these smart home products from a single hub and app combination, with compatibility with a range of existing products, including Nest thermostat, Sonos player, LIFX lights, Philips Hue lights, Belkin Wemo, Fibaro, Everspring, MiPow, Aeon, Aeotec, TKB, Popp, Danfoss and many more.

It communicates with all of these over Wifi/Ethernet, Bluetooth and Z-Wave and it will keep all of the data collected on the hub, not on servers.

Buy for £149.99 from Amazon

The MicroBot Push starter kit

The other thing about smart home technology is that although you can control the power of items with things like smart plugs, these plugs don’t really work with things that require a switch or button to be pressed in order to turn the device on.

MicroBot Push aims to change this with a controller.

This controller works with their Porta S server and smart hub controller in order to allow the user to press these switches and buttons with smart control. To start with which, they have a starter kit that comes with 3 of these MicroBot Push controllers, 3 Sugru packs (a super sticky material to be used alongside the controllers), a Porta S personal server and smart hub, and a year to the Prota service.

Buy the starter kit for £239 from Amazon

Pick up the MicroBot Push separately for £49 from Amazon

Bnest Portable Hand Held Espresso Maker

If you have ever thought about making an Espresso on the go then this portable Espresso maker from Bnest will definitely interest you, designed for the coffee lover who wants hot coffee on the go, it allows you to produce coffee and espresso wherever you are.

It’s an interesting idea, we don’t know how it will work, however, if it does work, this could be a fantastic option to grabbing your coffee fix on the go, without having to give Costa or Starbucks money.

Buy for £32.69 from Amazon

That’s all for this month, however, we will have some more for you next month.

In the meantime, you can suggest any cool products that you have found in the comments below.

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