You might have heard of the company Corning before, they are very well known for their creation, Gorilla Glass which is used in most of the top-end smartphones and tablets available today.

Today the company announced the successor to Gorilla Glass, the Gorilla Glass 4 which is said to be able to withstand a drop of about 1 metre/ 3.3 feet without breaking 80 per cent of the time.

This means that the glass should be much stronger than anything else on the market, in fact Corning say that it’s 40 per cent stronger than the competition.

Corning has already state that they have plenty of manufactures already interested in Gorilla Glass 4, which could mean that we should see the new glass on smartphones, tablets and other gadgets pretty soon.

Of course Apple may still stick to its Sapphire Glass, which is due to be featured on the new Apple Watch, and soon possibly the iPhone or iPad.

Source: Corning

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