AT IFA 2016 this week, Corning unveiled a new type of Gorilla Glass.

Called Gorilla Glass SR+, it has been designed specifically with smartwatches, fitness trackers and other wearables in mind.

It focuses on being scratch resistant, which can be a huge problem for anything worn on your wrist. Specifically, Corning wants to take on Sapphire Crystal with this announcement, which has been used in watches for a long time now, more recently for the Apple Watch.

Corning say that the new Gorilla Glass SR+ has 70 percent better damage resistance against impacts and 25 percent better surface reflection than “luxury cover material”, which is pointing towards sapphire glass.

This would offer better resistance than regular glass but also better crack resistance than sapphire crystal.

We have yet to see any devices using this new glass, but we are sure that some are in the works and we may even see some announcements soon.

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