During their BUILD 2016 conference, Microsoft revealed some more details about what we can expect to see for the Xbox One in the near future.

In this, Xbox’s Phil Spencer revealed some more details about the Windows 10 Anniversary Update and what it will mean for the Xbox One.

It will feature a number of enhancements for the console, but also the long-awaited addition of Cortana and the ability to play music in the background.

On top of this, Microsoft also revealed a new dev mode for the Xbox One.

In terms of Cortana, this is something that has been hinted at a number of times now, but today, it has finally been confirmed for the console as a “personal gaming assistant”, helping gamers find new games, challenges and tips and tricks.

We don’t know much else about what we can expect to see from the update, or when it will be released, but they did say the Anniversary Update will be released in the summer.

We can also expect to see more at E3 in June of this year.

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