At the moment (at least here in the UK,) the only real option for controlling your boiler remotely is by joining the British Gas Hive remote control service, which allows you to control more or less every aspect of your heating from your smartphone or tablet, however that might not be for much longer as a new competitor has today debuted on Kickstarter.

Coming from the UK-based company Green Energy Options, Cosy is a new system that will allow users to also control their heating, but not just from boilers connected to British Gas, allowing users to choice of any provider they like.

Alongside which, Cosy is also looking to launch with a smart plug system that will also allow you to control things like your lighting and other electronics from your smartphone, and presumably from the same app.

To do this the system uses the 868MHz radio frequency and something Cosy are calling the “Legato protocol”, when combined these allow the entire system to talk to each, and ultimately output the controls you send to them. And to top it off Green Energy Options also say that the system will be over-the-air upgradable, meaning that you can easily upgrade the entire system with future updates, without having to plug-in a bunch of wires to a bunch of things.

Cosy is looking for funding right now on Kickstarter, with the aim of achieving £20,000 in funding, they will be allowing backers to grab the system for a pledge of a £150, a price which will rise to £199 when it eventually retails.

You can find out more about Cosy on their Kickstarter page, or by watching the video below.

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