During their keynote at WWDC14 earlier this week, Apple announced both a new Health application for the iPhone and Healthkit for developers to use in their app, linking to Apple’s new focus on health and fitness tracking, but does that mean Apple will also be focusing on the rumoured iWatch?

We’re not sure if that is the case, especially after the release of Apple’s newest advert which may be hinting at a new idea from Apple, possibly stating that they don’t need to release a wearable device, as the iPhone is already good enough.

The TV advert showcases Apple’s new focus on various health and fitness applications for the iPhone 5S, with a new link to their recently announced health and fitness tracking techniques, which builds upon the M7 processor in the iPhone.

There is however only a small view on the iPhone 5S, with a lot of shots focusing on the fitness technology, with the iPhone itself often in the dark, which could also link to the rumours that Apple will announce the iPhone 6 soon, that’s just an idea however.

Check out the new ad below.

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