Crayola and Griffin recently launched one of their latest gadgets for use with the iPad named the Digitools pack, which includes a set of tools that can be used to create awesome drawings on the iPad when used in conjunction with the Crayola made applications.

The Digitools Ultra Pack is available for £39.95 and allows you to keep children or even adults for a couple of hours by creating paintings they don’t forever stain your carpet, the Digitools Ultra pack comes with three separate apps which can be used to create three separate types of drawings.

First up is my personal favorite the DigiTools 3-D App which allows the user to create amazing 3-D drawings and view them using the glasses provided.

There’s also the DigiTools AirBrush App which as you can guess allows you to create drawings as if they were with an Airbrush, which works pretty well, but probably the most used app of the three is the DigiTools Effects App which allows you to add your own sparkle and creativity to a selection of images.

Included in the pack is 7 different items the Digital Crayon for use when colouring in, the Digital Colour Changer which can be used to change the colour of an already existing drawing, the Digital Airbrush for use with the Airbrush application and the Digital rainbow roller, Digital Stamper, 3-D glasses and Digital 3-D stylus.

With all of these tools you can create some pretty awesome drawings with cool animations, scenes and even fridge worthy paintings.

The great thing is once your child (or adult) has finished their drawing you can even paint it of via AirPrint, or even upload it to Facebook, of course if you prefer you could simply save it to the camera roll or e–mail to one of your buddy’s.

During my review I actually had a lot of fun with the DigiTools pack, the tools are extremely responsive and work at any task you want them too, however I did have a few minor issues with the product itself, the first of which was the lack of a carrying case.

I have looked at the various packs available for the DigiTools set and in the US there are two types you can buy which include both Individual sets and a Deluxe set both of which include a colour coded carrying case which allows you to take these tools with you on the go, for some reason the UK version, which has been named the Ultra pack does not, which is actually pretty annoying as you can hardly carry a bunch of these pens around with you when your on the go as there’s simply to keep track of whilst your child is more than likely throwing them everywhere.

That being said you could just pick up a random pencil-case or something and use that to keep them all in one place.

Overall the DigiTools pack is a really good piece of kit for any parent who is not afraid of giving their kid an iPad to keep them busy for a few minutes, the app works well the tools are easy to use and everything looks great.

Within the social features it would be great if this app could share the animations that are shown on the iPad app when sharing an image to Facebook e-mail instead of the boring picture it does currently.

However if you’re looking for something to go with an iPad this Christmas or anytime of the year, the DigiTools pack is a great option. If you want you can pick one up from the Apple Store for £39.95.

The Crayola DigiTools Ultra Pack for iPad was sent to us as a review sample from Griffin, however all views and opinions within this review are completely my own.

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