Croon Audio have just announced the release of their new Bluetooth capable speaker system, originally named The Original.

The Original system comes packed with a class D amplifier and two 2.5 inch forward facing full range drivers which deliver 15 watts per channel, alongside the speakers inside, The Original has also been designed with a traditional wooden housing made from 8mm thick fiberboard, which helps to minimize distortion.

The Original can also play back from a wide range of devices without Bluetooth via the 3.5mm input jack, which you can use to connect up your Smartphone, MP3 Player or anything with a 3.5mm output really.

The system is available in Black, White on White, Agent Grey and Lady In Red and the price depends upon the color you chose, Black goes for $199.99 whilst the White on White and Agent Grey systems sell for $229.99 and the limited edition Lady in Red edition is a bit pricier at $234.99.

[spoiler show=”Show Press Release” hide=”Hide Press Release”]CROON Audio Unveils Its Sleek, Hi-Fi Audio Speaker System – The Original

The Original speaker merges unparalleled sound quality and style in CROON’s newest speaker collection

Hollywood, Fla. – July 26, 2012 – CROON Audio, a leading innovator of BluetoothTM home speaker systems, announces the debut of the company’s first speaker, The Original sound system. Through the easy-to-use, one-touch pairing procedure, The Original makes connecting to Bluetooth devices easier than ever, while at the same time providing unmatched wireless sound performance and design.

By merging modern electronics with wood craftsmanship of the highest degree, the compact 10.5″ x 8″ x 3.5″ speaker forges a seamless balance between contemporary and traditional styles that will amp up the volume of both style and music without the cluttered wired mess. The housing of the speaker is made from 8mm MDF (Medium-Density fiberboard) manufactured wood which allows for VLD (Very Low Distortion) technology when listening to music at a high volume. The Original’s speaker features two 2.5″ forward facing Full Range Drivers which have been matched to an acoustic amplifier allowing 15 watts per channel and a clear sounding Class D amp. The isolation cones placed strategically in a tripod pattern at the bottom corners of the sound system reduce the vibration frequencies and provide the most stable supporting structure regardless of the surface on which it rests.

The Original will reproduce music wirelessly from any device with Bluetooth or directly through the 3.5 mm connection so it can be used as a premium external speaker system for iPad, Kindle, a laptop computer, electric guitar and more. To complement the company’s sleek, button less design, users are able to control the speaker’s functionality with their connected touch screen device. Eliminating the volume control component from the inside of the casing reduces the noise in the circuit, allowing the music to be heard more clearly. “I started off with a need for phenomenal sound in a small form factor,” says The Original innovator Raul Chinda. “I wanted to create something so amazing that it would stop you in your tracks and make you listen to that song in a way you’ve never heard it before.”

The Original speaker features

* Stereo Hi-Fi Amplifier with integrated Stereo Bluetooth Receiver
* Speakers: 2.5″ x 2 full range drivers
* Tuned enclosure made from 8mm MDF wood allows for improved bass response
* Bluetooth connectivity
* Size 10.5″x 8″x 3.5″
* Colors: Original Black, White on White, Agent Grey and Lady in Red


The Original collection, perfect for living room spaces, is now available online or from your local distributor in a variety of colors like standard Original Black for $199.99. Another option is Grey Agent or premium White on White for $229.99. Finally, there is a limited edition Lady in Red option for $234.99.

Learn more about the collection by visiting


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