According to sources speaking to Kotaku, there’s a few issues at the Crytek offices in the UK, with a number of employees at the developers UK offices no longer turning up to work according to “people familiar with the situation”.

According to sources this comes after the studio has had a number of financial difficulties, with Kotaku reporting that close to 20 current and former employees have received their pay checks late, and the developer may have even had to cancel the Ryse sequel after a dispute with Microsoft over who owns rights to the franchise.

Kotaku went on to source workers that have claimed they have not been paid the full amounts they are owed, and even handed in formal grievance letters and went home.

One of their sources even claimed that aroun 100 people have left so far.

It is rumoured that Crytek and Deep Silver are currently negotiating over what will happen next, with employees at their Nottingham offices hoping that Deep Silver will purchase the studio in order to continue the development of Homefront: The Revolution.

As of yet none of this has been confirmed, and no representatives for Crytek or Deep Silver have come forward with a comment as of yet.

Source: Kotaku

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