CSR has today announced something that could prove interesting, a new 0.5mm thin wireless touch surface that can be used to extend the touch interface of mobile devices and PCs.

Calling it “the world’s thinnest wireless touch interface”, the device has links to your PC, smartphone or tablet using a Bluetooth connection, and can then be used as anything from a mouse to an external keyboard.

Made from a flexible and protective surface, i can be used as a cover for tablets and it can connect to iOS 6 and iOS 7 devices with a touch latency of less than 12ms.

To develop the wireless touch surface, CSR partnered with both Atmel and Conductive Inkjet technology, using Atmel’s touch silicon as well as CIT’s reel-reel printing process.

CSR say that they will be unveiling the wireless touch surface at IFA on September 6th, however they haven’t revealed any pricing or availability yet.

Check out the images below for a look at how CSR think the wireless surface will work.

Update: There’s now a video too, check that out below.

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