A company called BeLuvv has today unveiled a new wrist worn communicator that has been dubbed the Cubi and designed to be similar to those communicators used on the Star Trek series.

Designed for children, the new communicator was launched on Kickstarter today allowing users to provide an early pledge for the device.

The specific use of the communicator is to allow children to communicate with members of the family easily. It also has a GPS tracker and an instant emergency alert system, all allowing users to send voice message to smartphones and other Cubi communicators.

“The fundamental idea is to build-up and strengthen the connection within family. Allows children to express their feeling freely with people they love.

More so, communicating between peers has been a huge part of our daily life. We adults gets to stay informed with people we know and people we love at any given time. As for children, especially when they are not allow to carry a phone yet, it’s not as easy as they wish it would be.
Thus, we’ve created Cubi. That is easy to use, comfortable to wear and packed with all the necessary tools to serve their everyday needs.

Last but not least, Cubi comes equipped with various protecting functions to ease parents worries. Plus it also comes with several marvelous features made especially for children.”

Currently BeLuvv is looking to raise $100,000 in pledges to get the Cubi into production and at the time of writing they already have over $1,000 in pledges.

Check out the video that has been embeededed above, and check out the source link below for a quick look at the project, where you can pledge from $99 for your own device pre-order.

Source: Kickstarter

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