It’s been a while since I first reported about Cut The Rope 2, which was first revealed back in September of this year, but finally the games developer, ZeptoLab has announced a release date for the game, revealing at a press event that the game will be available from December 19th.

However there is a catch, the game will be exclusive to the iOS platform, meaning those who have a phone running on Android or Windows Phone wont be able to pick up the title, however if you are an iOS user, here’s some information about the game:

Cut The Rope 2 will be set in five different worlds, each of which will be the home to a new critter, some of which will help you grab the candies whilst others try to stop you from completing the adventure.

In terms of characters there’s the forest critter known as Roto who can carry objects up and down the screen. In the Junkyard world, there’s Blue who can make multiple copies of himself, and Lick can make bridges with his tough in the Sandy Dam. In the Underworld stages, Boo will knock you off when it collides with you. Lastly, you will come across Toss in the City Park stages.

At launch Cut The Rope 2 will be available for the promotional price of 99 cents in the US for a limited time.

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