Today it was revealed that a malware attack on the website for the florist branch of the department store Debenhams has exposed the personal details of 26,000 customers of the site.

These details could include the payment details, names, and addresses of the 26k customers, who could have had their data stolen in an attack on Ecomnova.

The reason this links to Debenhams is because Exomnova is the third-party supplier of the Debenhams Flowers website.

On top of that, Exomnova also supplies Debenhams’ hampers, wines, and personalised gifts.

As a result of this malware attack, the websites of all four of the branches have been suspended, however, we don’t yet know if all or just some of these have been affected by the attack.

However, they did say that the main Debenhams website has not been attacked in a statement to Sky News, in which they said the following:

“All affected customers have been contacted by Debenhams to inform them of the incident.”

“We are working with Ecomnova to ask the banks of those affected to block payment cards of those customers affected and issue customers with new cards.”

This is yet another breach in a number of high-profile attacks over the last couple of years and it’s unlikely that it will be the last attack either.

We would suggest that anyone who has used the affected websites before to change their passwords for any service that they have used a similar password for.

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