So about a month ago I received a package in the mail containing the Clarity Feather DAC (that this review is for) and two in-ear headphones, I was unsure where the package came from as I hadn’t been contacted about them, so I put them to one side.

And then about a week ago I noticed them sitting there on the side and I thought it was finally time to get to reviewing them, as I presume that’s what the company who sent them to me want me to do.

In particular, the Clarity Feather is a Hi-Res notebook DAC that will mean that “music will never sound the same” according to its packaging.

It is compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 and up, Windows 7 and up, Linux, and even Android and iOS, however, they did not send me any cables for iOS or Android compatibility, so I was unable to test it with those systems.

Cyberdrive DAC 4

Plugging into the a MacBook it pretty simple, because of Apple’s already existing compatibility all you need to do is pop it in, and click a couple of settings, with Windows and Linux you do need to download some drivers.

Cyberdrive DAC 5For some reason, Cyberdrive didn’t include any documentation, so this is something that you have to go out and look for, thankfully they did, at least, post a blog post about it.

In terms of its design, the Clarity Feather is a slimline plastic dongle that makes it great to just pop in the pocket, it is rather large however, so it does stick out from your laptop when plugged in. On the top of the device you will find two buttons, once for turning the sound down and the other for turning it up, the top end is where you will find the 3.5mm headphone port, and the bottom is where you will find the USB plug.

There’s also an unobtrusive blue light on the top to indicate that it is on.

This is conjoined by a range of specifications, with a 5Hz – 384KHz frequency response, a 112 dB SNR, 192KHz/24bit PCM, DirectDrive headphone amplifier, and 60mW of power out with a 16 impedance.

Cyberdrive DAC 3

During our tests we found that this results in some pretty decent results, and when in use you can definitely notice an increase in the bass response and treble detail, however, I wouldn’t say it’s extremely advantageous, as it only provides a slight increase in sound quality when compared to what I use.

But I don’t think that is its purpose, if you want something that is a complete solution for music greatness then you will probably want to dish some more money out, Cyberdrive’s Clarity Feather DAC is aimed more towards those users who don’t already have a great audio setup, mainly for mobile devices

You can read more about it and pick one up at Cyberdrive’s website, it’s priced at around £26.

Cyberdrive Clarity Feather DAC Review
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