Like the Soprano version of these headphones that we reviewed today, the Cyberdrive Forte Classic Bass in-ear earphones are a well-designed pair of earphones, with a wooden enclosure, silver accents, and a brown braided cord.

Cyberdrive Bass 4The earphones themselves also have a comfortable form-fitting design, with smooth wooden sides and fitting rubber in-ears.

The earphones also feature an inline control on the cord with an in-line mic, it only has a singular button on the control, so it is only able to pause/ play or accept/reject a call. Like the Soprano version, this button is hard to press and doesn’t come naturally to do so.

In terms of their sound, you will generally notice that this model will emphasize the bass within a track as is pointed out by its name, but you will also find that they create a good response within the mid-range, with a pleasing a clear tone. Things do get sacrificed when you get into the high tones, however, clarity is generally respectable.

You will find that these earphones might over-indulge in the bass, and a lot of the time you will find that it has overshadowed the rest of the music, this isn’t that noticeable if you play something with low bass, however as soon as you do play a bass heavy track things get overly heavy, it sounds like the headphones are simply trying to hard, I would have preferred a more conservative sound personally.

Cyberdrive Bass 1

Here’s what I thought from our tests:

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I Need A Doctor – Dr.Dre ft. Eminem, Skylar

This track is definitely a lot more filling than with the Soprano version of these headphones, keeping the clear vocals, but not over-representing the backing too much.

The Hills – The Weeknd

The Hills is better represented in the Bass version of the headphones, the sound of the high-hat is a little more chilled, and the bass is a lot more noticeable, with vocals remaining clear.


Cinderella Man – Eminem

This sound shows just how far these headphones are willing to go to emphasise bass, which overtakes everything else so much that it’s somewhat offputting.

How Deep Is Your Love – Calvin Harris

If you listen to a lot of electronic music, like Calvin Harris then you might prefer the Bass versions of the Forte Classic’s, the bass is filling, but doesn’t overrepresent too much, and vocals are still clear. Unfortunately, there is still a small problem with harsh cymbals.

Cyberdrive Bass 3

Overall, the Cyberdrive Forte Classic Bass earphones are probably going to be great for anyone who is really into their bass, however, they will find that this means other tracks can often be over-basified and the highs are often way too harsh.

This is a similar conclusion as what I gave for the Soprano version of these earphones, and overall I think that it would have been better to merge these two headphones

If you are interested in the Forte Classic Bass earphones then you can check them out on Cyberdrive’s website, they are  available for around £50.

Cyberdrive Forte Classic Bass hi-res earphones review
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