Alongside another pair of earphones and a DAC, Cyberdrive recently sent us the Forte Classic Soprano hi-res earphones, which are a pair decent looking headphones that feature a sleek wooden enclosure and a brown braided cord.

Cyberdrive Soprano 3They are quite comfortable to wear, thanks to them being soft to the touch and the rubber ends being fairly fitting, of course that all depends on the size of your ear.

On the cable you will also find an inline control with a built-in microphone, the control only has one button, so it will only allow you to play/ pause and answer/ reject calls on compatible devices. The button on this control is rather hard to press, however, and it doesn’t feel natural to a point where I am able to just press it, that’s a rather simple thing to achieve, but also an important one.

Thankfully, as the earphones are quite light, they don’t regularly fall out of your ears like other earphones that we have tested, and they also don’t put too much stress on them.

As you can probably tell from the name of the earphones, the Forte Classic Soprano’s have been optimised for a treble response more than bass, which means that whilst these headphones will deliver reasonable bass, highs will outshine it, and in some tracks even overtake it.

Cyberdrive Soprano 4

The mid range is also pretty clear, which is nice. Here’s what I thought after listening to a few tracks:

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I Need A Doctor – Dr.Dre ft. Eminem, Skylar

Bass is quite well balanced in this song, and vocals and generally clear, however, they can do sound whistly.Drums and the electronic backing is also clear.

The Hills – The Weeknd

Songs like this are really where you can test a pair of earphones as it offers a range of tones. For the Soprano’s in particular, we found that the focus laid too much on the high frequencies, and this sound shows that with not enough emphasis on the bass. The high-hat is prominent, however, and vocals are clear.


Cinderella Man – Eminem

We once again notice whistly vocals on this track, which is likely due to the earphone’s focus on high frequencies, however, adversely the earphones actually help to even out what is a heavy bass track, with decent clarity.

Jerusalem – Hubert Perry

This definitely one of the all-time best patriotic songs, and it is represented well by these earphones, with extremely clear vocals that overtake in the way they should do when they should do, and balanced highs, lows and mids.

How Deep Is Your Love – Calvin Harris

Thankfully you can notice a little more bass in this genre of music, however, as you will notice with this track the highs are once again too high, with harsh cymbals, and particularly for this track, whistly vocals. Midrange clarity could also be a tad bit more impressive.

Cyberdrive Soprano 2

All in all, the Forte Classic Soprano’s are a specific type of earphones, and it’s unlikely that the sound will suit the majority of listeners given its lean towards the high range, and neglect of the bass range, and honestly I probably wouldn’t use them myself because of this, however, if that type of sound is what you are looking for then these earphones would be great for you.

They are available now from Cyberdrive’s website for around £50.

Cyberdrive Forte Classic Soprano hi-res earphones review
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