CyberPowerPC has today unveiled a new small form-factor gaming PC called the Zeus Mini, sized at just 4.4 x 13 x 17.5 inches, Zeus Mini combines a SFF design with powerful gaming specs.

These specs include either AMD’s R9 290 or the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 graphics card, as well as either a Intel Core i5-4670K or Core i7-4770K processor, or if you prefer the lower powered AMD A10-7850K CPU.

The PC also includes 8GB of XPG RAM, a 500GB SATA3 7200 RPM HD, a 8X DVD rewritable drive, Gigabyte F2A88XN-WIFI A88X mITX Motherboard or a  MSI Z87I Z87 mITX Motherboard with a 2TB SATA 3 7200 RPM HD. There’s also the ability to install 240mm cooling solutions.

Prices for the CyberPowerPC  Zeus Mini SFF gaming PC start at $599 and go up to $1479 USD.


Source: CyberpowerPC

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