Before smartphones became a popular option for taking photos on the go and before digital cameras were invented, you would have to develop a photo in a darkroom.

To bring some of that magic to the smartphone, Marcus Carlsson released a new smartphone application called Darkr this week.

What makes this app particularly interesting, is that it brings a digital version of a real darkroom to your iPhone.

With this, you can develop images from your smartphone’s camera roll or from the Large-Format camera in Black & White, there’s also a set of tools that allow you to edit these developed images, with the ability to crop/rotate, make selected parts of an image brighter/darker, blur the background of an image, add effects, zoom into an image, or add a Selenium, Cyanotype or Sepia tone.

The develop explained more about it with the following:

Have you ever dreamt of trying an old darkroom, but don’t have the equipment nor the time? In a fun and intuitive way you will pick the strip that has the best time and contrast. And just like a real darkroom, you can make parts of the image brighter and darker by blocking or adding more light to the image. You will be presented in a very easy way with lots of tutorials on how to use the tools.

You can download the app for free today from the iTunes App Store, it also has some in-app purchases to expand it if you so wish.

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