The UK Prime Minister, David Cameron has today provided some more details on plans for the UK Spectrum, speaking at the CeBit trade show in Hanover, Germany, he promised that the UK will get 5G mobile broadband, which he said is capable of downloading a full movies in “less than a second”.

This comes as part of the governments initiative to release spectrum frequencies that are currently unused in the country, previously held for commercial use, it could provide huge benefits for the UK economy, with a prospective £50 billion earned from licensing of these new bands.

Cameron also pledged to over £45 million for research into something the government are calling “The Internet of Things”, something which os said to make all home appliances talk to each other, and is kinda like LG’s technology.

“Just a decade ago, Skype was a typo, a tweet was something you heard from a bird, a cloud was something you saw in the sky – not somewhere you stored your data. Companies that are starting in people’s garages and bedrooms one year are going stratospheric the next.”

“This is a world on fast forward a world of permanent technological revolution and in this world, countries like the UK and Germany will only succeed if we have a relentless drive for new ideas and innovations.”

Via: Business Week

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