As always, the guys from Bungie had an announcement to make at Sony’s PlayStation Experience and this year it is a big one.

They announced that the next event for Destiny will be called The Dawning and it will be available from December 13th.

It will come with the return of the Sparrow Racing League, but also with some other new surprises.

One of the biggest is that it will bring the return of the Ice Breaker sniper, but that’s not all, there’s also new quests with “Vanguard Elite Strike Scoring”, new weapons and gear, and more.

In the new Sparrow Racing Legue you will play on two new race courses, one on Mercury and the other on Earth, with another two courses available from last year. It will also offer exclusive gear rewards like last year, but now all of the armour will be infuseable to what you want, and there will be some exclusive sparrows on offer.

Strike Scoring will be a new feature that will be enabled in the SIVA Crisis playlist, the Heroic SIVA Crisis playlist, and in the weekly Nightfall, and it will basically provide you with a scoring system for strikes to allow you to compete against friends.

On top of all this, Bungie is also reworking The Nexus, Will of Crota and The Shadow Thief strikes with the new SIVA theme, and Zavala will be offering bounties related to the new strike scoring system, which is how you acquire the Ice Breaker. The Solarlord and Voldlord will also be on offer as heavy machine guns that are solar and void versions of the Thunderlord.

And that’s still not all, from December 13th, there will also be wrapped presents around the tower which will offer gifts when opened.

The Dawning event is available to anyone who owns Destiny: Rise of Iron, which is available on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Check out the trailer below for a quick look.

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