During the course of this week Games Britannia took over the Manga Center in Sheffield to bring us a gaming expo right here in the UK, we got to go to their public event today after which I was extremely impressed with the sheer amount of classic titles that I seen today plugged in, being massive geeks we are all into our classic ‘retro’ gaming.

Alongside the wide range of machines, Games Britannia’s main idea was to educate the nation on the British gaming industry, which is dwindling extremely fast, throughout the course of this week their team has been working with children in various schools to teach them new skills in gaming development.

During the expo their was a huge attraction to the Raspberry Pi stall where their team was showing of the new computer systems and comparing them between the usual BBC computers that have been used in many schools over the years.

As soon as you walk in you notice that familiar essence of 8-bit gaming, the sounds and wobbly graphics were defiantly a sight to be seen bring the whole team back to their childhoods, or at least the last time they bought one from eBay.

Anyway the variance of these machines was simply amazing, I have never seen so many gaming systems in a science building before.

These consoles varied from the older machines like the Sega Magadrive all the way up to the brand new Xbox 360’s, which were conveniently tucked away at the 18+ zone allowing us to hog the Invasion and Witcher 2 games.

On the topic of games there was a whole bunch there, some old like Golden Eye, previous versions of FIFA, PES, Virta Tennis and of course our favorite from the day, Star Wing (or as anyone else may know it outside of Europe, Starfox), which we spent hours playing on the SNES.

There was also of course some brilliant new games around to, probably one of the biggest was of course Sonic and SEGA: All Star Racing from SUMO digital’s stall and although we can’t show you any pictures due the fact this was the first ever time the game was shown I have to say it looks pretty great with some all new graphics and game styles.

Alongside All Star Racing there was also Inversion which we will be writing a preview post for later as well as The Witcher 2, Ben 10 Galactic Racing and our current favorite game on the 3DS, Kingdom of Hearts 3D (although we did turn the 3D of as it was a bit to blurry, but still a great game once you can see it).

Check out some of our pictures below, there’s and awesome Snake statue somewhere (sorry about the blurriness on that one), also see if you can find the image Kallum, our new games editor didn’t want me to put in. Also make sure to head on over to the Games Britannia website to find out more info.

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