Yup, it’s a brand new day with a brand new Galaxy S III leak, after so many more during the last few months. But this is one, according to its source is the actual real thing which doesn’t mean it actually is with a lot of arguments between bloggers as to whether it is or not.

One thing this image has for it is that this one looks good and is probably the best looking Galaxy S III image leak so far, alongside this, the handset looks a lot like that in the earlier leaked support manual. But that still doesn’t make it a 100% real and there are some flaws that make it seem fake.

The first thing we noticed is the fact it has the older three button setup below the screen, which have recently been changed for virtual buttons in the new Ice Cream Sandwich OS. Alongside this according to TechRadar

However, the fact the reflection on the hand taking the camera slides off the side of the phone, and the very ‘last-generation’ design on the capacative buttons scream fake to us here.

So what do you think? Could this be the Galaxy S III? Or just a fake?

Drop us a line or two in the comments below.

[via Phone ArenaTechRadar]

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