As some of the stalkers out there might know, I was born in Leicester, a city well-known for the De Montfort University, which is one of the biggest universities in the country, and are now launching a new centre which they say is dedicated “cyber protection and the growing need for effective solutions in the face of a growing cyber crisis.”

As you may know hacks are becoming a daily thing, with massive businesses like Sony and even the FBI getting hacked by a group who call themselves Annoymous, DMU thinks it’s time we took security seriously, which they think they will achieve through their new Cyber Security Center, providing students with a new way of learning about cyber security.

The university will first of be launching a Cyber Security Higher Apprenticeship Scheme alongside a  Cyber Protection Intensive Summer School which will include a week of intensive lectures, seminars and exercises all aimed at helping students to understand the challenges and opportunities of the cyber domain.

The university will also be teaching employees from certain organisations new skills in cyber security, and will be developing a new international multidisciplinary journal of cyber protection alongside new research into the Cyber Protection of Transport Systems and the Built Environment.

The Director of the CSC, Dr. Tim Watson said this about Cyber Security and why we need to do something to help stop these kind of hacks.

“Too much of the energy of the community of cyber experts has been devoted to well-intentioned but ultimately futile attempts to take security seriously. Too little effort has been directed at explaining what this should mean in practice.

“There is no precedent in human history for the breadth and depth of the challenges and opportunities presented by the cyber domain. We will fail in the task of ensuring the protection of cyberspace unless we move beyond the conventional boundaries between academia and the public and private sectors.

“The central mission of the Cyber Security Centre at DMU is the safety and security of the human experience, which is achieved through the development of a collaborative, international and multidisciplinary approach to cyber protection.

“If the purpose of computing is to serve humanity, then the purpose of cyber security is to do the same. We need to move towards the development of effective, pragmatic solutions that address concrete business and operational needs.”

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