When I received the early demo download key for Dead Space 3 a couple of days ago, I got straight to it, entered the key, waited for the game to download, plugged a set of headphones and began to play.


To start off with I thought I would go into the single player mode and see how much it has really changed with the addition of single player, I wanted to find out if Visceral had made single player any worse by adding it.

And I’d have to say that from the short time I played it I never got that feeling, everything still a lot like the previous Dead Space game and shooting, movement, objectives and everything else still feels extremely familiar, however there are a few changes that can be noticed even in the demo the first of which is the new weapon system which sees an upgrade that’s still extremely easy to use but allows you to have more control over your weapons, basically you pick up weapon crafting items and then change each weapon to any spec you want.

The biggest change and most noticeable was certainly the graphics and environment upgrades, which were certainly a great experience to see, the planet you play on feels as cold as it looks, and you can tell the amount of time that has been put into character development, at the start there’s a scene where Issac is hanging from his crashed ship, with the camera zoomed into his face, this one view shows the amount of time put into the graphics and what it can actually handle.

The game also feels as scary as it has always been, and I would have to admit I jumped a fair few times during the gameplay, the coop mode adds a total new dimension to the game however, enemies fell stronger but in the coop mode the story seems to get better but at the same time a less scary.

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