I felt a little anxious about the whole announcement of Dead Space 3 a few months ago, manly due to my worries of how the game will continue to play out after these new features that EA where showing off would be introduced, it’s worth saying the game still has that scary atmosphere, in fact at times its enough for you to go and hide behind the sofa, but it feels as though there’s something missing within the game, enough to stop me from completing it for these past weeks (the reason this review is a little late).

A lot of things within the Dead Space universe have changed, at the start of the game (ignoring the tutorial section were you play as some random dude) you find yourself in a cutscene similar to previous games, Issac is still looking for Ellie, however you begin to notice a few changes as the cutscene is progressed.

Instead of being the forever alone Engineer, Issac is now joined by a battalion who recruit him as a soldier on a rescue mission, which as you can guess is to find the same girl as always, which despite being late on his rent, Issac continues on.

dead space 3-3

As you start to wonder through the streets with these solders the story progress a little further, revealing a new story of militarised unitologists whose sole aim is to uncover the marker which was re-created by the humans in an effort to harness its power.

You can probably guess what comes next, the rebels uncover the marker and the Necromorphs break loose, adding to your list of enemies, bringing me to the new fighting scheme which has turned its back on the old run and shoot idea, favoring one in which you use the cover button to hide and shoot, until the Necromorphs come at you that is, at that point you should probably use the same old tactics.

With the new game comes new undead space baddies, which are now have a speed increase alongside their new-found way of scaring you in the worst ways possible, to fight them you start with that trusty old plasma cutter, the one we have all been using to fight off these beasts for the last few years, however as you progress through the story you will find whats called a weapon crafting bench, a new feature which will allow you to craft entirely new guns from parts you have found on your travels, this is basically the new way to access weapons and upgrade them, no more shop.

dead space 3-2

After you have chosen your gun,, you will find a similar experience to that of previous titles within the series and gunplay is still as responsive as it used to be, allowing you to rip of limbs and spray blood across the map just as you did in the last two games, this happens to be one of my favorite things to do within the Dead Space franchise, so I’m happy it hasn’t changed.

The weird thing is that you now have universal ammo, meaning any ammo you pick up will now work in all of your weapons, each with its own conversion rate, which means that once you are out of ammo on one gun, your likely to be nearly out on the other. However you can still replenish this by stomping on boxes & corpses as well as opening up containers on walls.

The story, as always, gets weirder as you progress, however I felt it to be excellently delivered along the way, you still get the sudden progression from a cutscene from a gunfight, but still I thought the game progressed seamlessly, with no real loading screens you don’t find yourself away from thee game until you hit the pause button.

dead space 3 review

There is one more new addition to Dead Space with the third installment, in the form of a new character called John Carver, a soldier who can be controlled by a second player, meaning that Dead Space 3 is now a multiplier title.

If you play in this mode you will find that the game grants you a little more gameplay, with much larger narratives  John finds himself going through the same dementia state we seen from Issac after he first experienced the Markers, providing a different point of view of the game’s story, however this does not mean it’s a good thing, the addition of the co-op mode will either mean you find the game scarier or simply a laugh with your mates, I would recommend you try out the single player before humping into this mode if you want the true Dead Space experience.

Overall I found Dead Space 3 to be a great title to play once, don’t get me wrong Dead Space 3 is still a good game, but it leaves you with the feeling that it’s too far away from the Dead Space series, you no longer feel connected with Issac and gameplay just feels overly done, and if I’m honest Dead Space 3 is no were near the same game as it was with the 1st or 2nd game in the series, I’m sure it might attract a few more people with the addition of co-op but for me, I felt as though I should have spent my £40 somewhere else and then rented the game a couple of weeks later.

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