Oculus announced their own sale outside of Amazon Prime Day today, called the Summer of Rift, the deal will enable more people to get into Oculus with an offer that is pretty darn tempting.

They are offering both the Oculus Rift and the Touch controllers for it in a package that is priced at just £399.99, which is pretty darn cheap when the controllers themselves normally cost £99 for a pair and the Oculus itself is normally that same price tag of £399, so you basically get the controllers for free.

Check out the deal on Amazon here.

Of course, the Oculus Rift does need a PC that is capable of running the virtual reality programs, for which there are a number of desktop PCs that are pre-configured with this capability, or you might already have a capable setup.

You can find out more about Oculus ready PCs on Oculus’ website.

If you prefer, you can also pick up the deal from Oculus’ own website here, however, it will only be a limited time offer.


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