The publisher, Deep Silver has today announced that they are not interested in making games for next generation consoles at launch, making a statement to Game Informer, Deep Silver CEO Geoff Mulligan said the following, “I would safely say that you’ll see us there, but not on the first day.”

Adding, “It’s the same reason: the pioneer versus the settler, Being there on the first day, that’s for the big guys.”

So it looks as though we won’t be seeing games like Dead Island: Riptide, Saints Row 4 or even Metro: Last Light on the PS4/ Xbox 720 launch day, leaving developers like EA and Activision to have their fun before Deep Silver turns up, finishing of his statement by saying:

“We’re a small, guerilla tactics company People say, ‘Oh, you acquired Volition and Metro, you’re going to be a triple-A publisher. What separates us from a triple-A publisher is that I don’t really have a desire to be a triple-A publisher.”

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