Today Dell revealed the release of their first HDR display that has been designed to be used by video editors around the world, so long as they have the money.

This new display has been named the Dell UltraSharp 27 4K HDR Monitor and comes with support for the HDR10 standard for producing high dynamic range content.

They revealed this new monitor during the National Association of Broadcasters or NAB show earlier today, during which time they also revealed another two UltraSharp monitors as well as a number of PC workstations for producing high-end images, videos, and VR content.

Sticking to the display that we are writing this article about, it is capable of delivering fantastic HDR content with better contrast, brightness, and colour reproduction, specifically for those who view and edit HDR content, but it doesn’t just support PC inputs, it will also work great with other devices such as the Nvidia Shield, the Xbox One S, and the PlayStation 4.

Bringing it back to the other two screens, Dell also showed off their Precision 5720 AiO workstation PC, as well as the Dell Canvas, which is a 27-inch touchscreen device that has been designed specifically for the digital artists out there.

You will be able to pick up that new Dell UltraSharp 27 4K HDR Monitor in the US on May 23rd for from $1,999.99, or you can pick up a standard version of the monitor without 4K or HDR for $550.

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