A new Kickstarter project has today been launched by Domus Living for a brand new home automation system tat allows users to control their home and appliances from what is said to be an affordable system.

To make life more automated the Domus system is capable of monitoring a users energy usage via an iOS or Android application, meaning that users can monitor things like a toaster oven to a lamp in the living room.

Domus Living explains with the following statement:

“Domus does not just allow you to control your appliances, it actually communicates with THEM and lets you monitor your energy and carbon consumption. So you can reduce energy wastage!”

“Domus notifies you that if some of your home appliances are operating for unusually long periods of time. Allowing you to get notified when you have left your heater on accidentally avoiding any horrible accidents.”

“Domus helps you monitor your energy usage, and calculate your electricity bill, so you will know what appliance consume more energy than usual and live a greener life while saving up more!! Use your smartphone just like a regular remote control. No more hide and seek with all your remotes. Control all appliances in style, and impress all your friends!!”

You can grab a quick look at Domus by checking out the video embedded above, you can also find out more and even pledge to grab your own Domus at the source link.

Domus is currently looking to raise $100,000 in order to get the project started.

Source: Kickstarter

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