Denon are very well-known for their excellence in home audio, home stereo systems and car audio systems, and with the new range of in-ear and over-ear headphones you can take this tech around with you too, one of the latest selections of which to choose from is the Denon AH-D510R Mobile Elite On-Ear Headphones, which we have to review for you today.

The design of the headphones is quite impressive, Denon have opted for an over the ear design with large padded earpads on either side, which are comfortable and the frame fits the head well, allowing the headphones to feel extremely light and great to wear for long listening sessions.

This form-fitted band is great for a full sound that doesn’t leak sound, and with Denon’s Acoustic optimizer system that puts equal ambient air pressure to both sides of the diaphragm, for a more balanced sound.


This sound comes from the set of 42mm diaphragms either side, with neodymium magnets for a full sound with less power, treble sounds great from these cans, with a wide range of tones that sound natural, bass is also great and adjusts itself well when switching between genres.

This all results in a great quality sound, with great clarity even when at louder volumes.

With the in-line remote control, you can also take and reject calls, skip tracks, play/pause and change the volume, there’s also a mic on the in-line to allow you to take calls without taking out the phone.

Voice quality is great from the headphones, the incoming caller can be heard with a full and clear sound, and the mic also works well (I have been told anyway).


These headphones are defiantly worth buying if you need a new set of cans, these sound great and are extremely cheap at MobileFun right now, available for only £29.99 there defiantly worth checking out, whilst your there make sure to check out some of their other mobile phone accessories.

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Disclosure: MobileFun did send us this pair of Denon AH-D510R’s for review purposes, these are however my honest opinions.

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