Denon has today announced their latest TV speaker base dubbed the DHT-T100, doubling as a Bluetooth speaker for any compatible device, the base has two 5 inch oval drivers, dual half-inch tweeters and two bass reflex ports.

Designed to be placed under the TV screen, the speaker has a wide down-firing space for a well-balanced sound, as well as both Dolby Digital Decoding and Virtual Surround Sound technology.

Alongside which the speaker also supports aptX Bluetooth technology and A2Dp for streaming from compatible devices.

There’s also five sound settings to choose from, including an interesting Night Mode which will change sound levels to still deliver the same audio clarity but without the loud jumps that are often found in movies and TV shows.

The box comes with a minimalist design, weighing 27kg it can support TVs sized up to 50 inches and will be available later this month for just £250.

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