As part of a new range of headphones, Denon are going to be revealing eight new headphone models, the first two of which have been revealed today, the first named the AH-D7100 is a £1,000 set of headphones, which include genuine mahogany-wood earcup with 50mm drivers.

Within their new range Denon have set up four category’s named the first named Music Maniac for the audio enthusiast, the second is the Urban Power category which targets fans of bass, he Exercise Freak, for the sporty ones and the Globe Cruiser category.

The AH-D7100 is the first pair of headphones to get a category, which has been placed under Music Maniac, the second product revealed also has a category, for which it has been placed in the Globe Cruiser category, and will offer handsfree calling when paired with any Bluetooth enabled handset, the AH-NCW500 are a lot cheaper than the first pair that was revealed and will only set you back about £400.

Both of the headphones will also have a range of apps that they are compatible on the iTunes App Store and Google Play for Android devices.

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