Today Denon announced the launch of a new set of over-ear headphones, called the AH-D7200 they have been designed to deliver you with “uncompromised sound quality” and “unparalleled comfort” according to Denon.

The headphones feature a pair of real wood ear cups that feature a 50mm FreeEdge driver diaphragm inside, which they say has been designed with a rigid material that Denon says will help the headphones to deliver distortion-free sound.

It is also mounted in a surround to provide more accurate playback and uses a combination of strong magnets and light aluminium wire to power it.

But it’s not all about the sound.

The Denon AH-D7200 have also been designed to be comfortable, featuring sheepskin leather on the headband as well as synthetic leather on the ear cups as well as memory foam inside of the ear cup.

The Denon AH-D27200 Reference headphones will be available in January 2017 for £699.

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