The audio device maker Denon has today introduced two new in-ear headphones for its Music Maniac series, called the AH-C120 and the AH-C50.

The AH-C120 in-ear headphones feature 11.5mm drivers that have been tuned to a Flat EQ, and feature a “hybrid metal” housing that cuts out resonance of bass-enhanced music, and a non-tangle cable that features a 1-button remote with an integrated microphone.

There’s also an adapter cable for Sony smartphones included, with a number of silicon ear tips included in the box with a number of sizes, as well as comply foam ear tops for a custom fit, and a carrying case with a zipper.

Next up is the AH-C50 in-ear headphones, featuring 9mm drivers that have also been tuned Flat EQ, as well as a non-tangle cable with a 1-button remote that features an integrated microphone, adapter cable for Sony smartphones, and silicon ear tips.

The AH-C50 Music Maniac in-ear headphones will be available for £39 in March, whilst the AH-C120 will be available at the same time for £39.

Denon also revealed their new Denon Audio app for iOS and Android which is said to “further enhance the listening experience”, with the ability to create and share custom EQ curves with an integrated 1000-band equaliser, and a range of EQ presets.

The app it available to download from today for iTunes.

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