Denon has today announced a new pair of headphones under their Exercise Freak brand name, called the AH_W150 they are an update to the headphones they originally launched a couple of years ago, and are now available for purchase in the UK with an orange finish.

The headphones will also be available in yellow and black, and will feature a perspiration resistant body, with Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity, an on-board amplifier, integrated controls with a microphone, lossless transfer of music for wireless streaming, a low latency time of 32ms and a rechargeable battery that is said to last for 7 hours.

The headphones will also feature anti-microbial ear tips with sizes ranging from extra small to large, and will work with the Denon Sport mobile app for the iPhone and Android, featuring GPS tracking, a workout journal, track-processing, access to an online community and the ability to share music with other users of the app.

The headphones will be available in yellow, orange and black in the UK for £79 at select Denon dealers.

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