Thorpe Park and Derren Brown has this week revealed that they have teamed up to create a new ghost train ride for the park, soon to be opened in Spring 2016, it is coming after over three years of development.

To bring the ride into the 21st century, it uses a range of multi sensory experiences to scare the rider.

Thorpe Park explained more with the following:

Thorpe Park Resort and Derren Brown have reinvented the Ghost Train for the 21st Century. The new attraction will open in Spring 2016 after over three years in development.

This unique, world first attraction will blow your mind! Derren Brown’s Ghost Train fuses five multi-sensory experiences: grand illusion, live action, next generation technology, 4D special effects and physical transit.

Prepare to have your mind derailed as you board a suspended seven tonne Victorian train carriage and embark on a one way journey that will have you questioning your perception of reality. Derren Brown’s Ghost Train – Arriving Spring 2016.

Source: Thorpe Park

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