The return of the Destiny franchise is just a few months away but you won’t have to wait that long to try it out.

Bungie will be releasing a beta for the upcoming sequel to Destiny, called Destiny 2 it will be released later this week and will provide you with the opportunity to check out the game ahead of its official release date.

To get you prepared we are going to talk you through some of the important stuff about this beta, check it out below.

Destiny 2 Beta times

PS4 Early Access

  • With pre-order: July 18 | 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 6 PM BST on July 19

Xbox One Early Access

  • With pre-order: July 19 | 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 6 PM BST on July 20

Open Beta for PS4 and Xbox One

  • July 21 | 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 6 PM BST / 3 AM ET on July 22

PC Beta

  • August; more details to come

What’s in the beta?

The beta of Destiny 2 will provide you with a look at the game’s various elements, including the campaign, multiplayer, strikes, subclasses, and the new social space.

You will be able to try out the game’s opening mission that’s called Homecoming alongside the new attack/defend Countdown mode on the map Endless Vale, where you will also be able to try out the new Destiny 2 Control mode.

To top that off, you will be able to access the Inverted Spire Strike.

Sadly the new social space won’t be accessible until July 23rd.

You also won’t be able to access the vendors and services in the game, the new clan features, or the character progression from the original from the previous game.

To top that off progress will not carry over to the final game.

The known bugs of the game

Bungie has also noted the bugs that they now will exist within the game, which are as follows:

  • Players may experience a variety of networking error codes when attempting to play the Beta
  • Bungie will be testing server stability throughout the Beta, which may cause error codes to appear periodically
  • Location names sometimes do not appear during Crucible gameplay
  • Players sometimes are Kicked to Orbit after witnessing a black screen when entering a Countdown match
  • Players may sometimes be placed at the beginning of the Inverted Spire Strike Activity when joining in progress
  • Sandbox balancing is still taking place: Some weapons or abilities may have higher or lower damage than intended
  • Not all content has been localized in all languages
  • If you encounter any network related issues during the Destiny 2 Beta, please follow our Network Troubleshooting Guide to ensure proper network settings for Destiny gameplay.

Should we learn more about any of this we will update you.

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