I’ll admit it, I’m a huge fan of Bungie as a games developer, and as such the release of Destiny is one that I have been looking forward too since its original leak. So when I began to load up the recent beta for the game I had huge expectations to how it will perform.

But I released that this might be me just looking at the game with my long worn, Halo tinted glasses, thankfully I won’t have to take them off anytime soon.

From the moment I seen the first cutscene of the Destiny Beta, I knew that the 12GB file download and the wait for the Xbox One version of the beta to be released was most definitely worth it.

Designed to mix the fast paced style of an FPS with the range of things to do with a RPG, Destiny is Bungie’s next move into the gaming space, a move they take with the giant of game publishing, Activision.

From the start of the beta you kicked right into the action, resurrected by a ghost (a robot that’s sole purpose is to find Guardians and epically voiced by Peter Dinklage) and quickly have to get away from an upcoming swarm of Fallen, who are basically the bad guys that you must fight off during missions within the game. This first mission also acts as a tutorial, teaching you how to use the controls of the game, and what the game is all based upon.

And this is kinda how the rest of the first five missions go as well, all of which grants you new abilities for your Guardian and how to use these new abilities.

Destiny Beta-2
Destiny Beta-8As you progress through the beta you soon learn how to use the progression tree, which contains the skills and weapons that you are able to upgrade, and choose to go ahead with on further missions.

With the weapons section there are three sections of weapons, standard weapons which include you average rifles, special weapons which includes more exciting rifles, snipers and shotguns, and your heavy weapons, which is where you can select bigger weapons like machine guns and rocket launchers.

All of these weapons can either be found by looting them during missions, purchased at the Tower (more on that later), or earned from the online section of the game.

This is a similar set of actions to those which you need to complete in order to gain new armour, emblems and clothing.

So getting back to the Tower, it is basically the social hub an d meeting place of the game, and is where you will generally find a huge number of players purchasing their weapons and armour, as well as collecting goodies for their finished weapons.

The Tower is also the first place that you truly notice how amazing to games graphics are, with huge landscapes, lense flares that JJ Abrams would be proud of, and a scenery of players that is so huge, most servers would be scared of it.

Destiny Beta-9

Destiny Beta-7But the social gaming environments don’t simply stop at the Tower, and you will often find a few players running around over areas whilst completing missions, and sometimes they may even be doing the same mission as you. TO get to these mission zones you simply hop into your space ship and plot in the coordinates for the mission you want to complete next, or if your ready, to the Crucible, which is where you can face off your Guardian with other Guardians.

Once a player has completed a mission they will be rewarded with a certain amount of XP to level up their character, and a bunch of loot to upgrade them with too. And a player can even go back to previous missions where they can search the grounds for even further hidden loot and even complete the mission again on a harder difficulty.

In my play-through I managed to get to lvl 8 and even complete most of the missions that I was able to (I say most because I missed out on a couple of missions on the Moon, which where set to end at a specific time on the 27th). During all of this time, I found myself getting more and more impressed with what Bungie have managed to do with this game, and despite it being quite far away from the consumer version of the game.

The graphics are spectacular, the music is mesmerising and all in all, the game feels so polished, I feel like it could have been released today.

So to finish this quick first impressions article all I have to say is that you should definitly pre-order Destiny, I guarantee you will not regret the months of playtime that you will definitely get from a spectacular game like this.

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