Bungie’s beta for their upcoming title, Destiny was announced for the PlayStation 4 some time ago, leaving the Xbox gamers behind those on the competitor console, but thankfully not for too much longer as Bungie has today announced that the beta will be making its way to both Xbox consoles soon.

The Xbox One and Xbox 360 beta will kick off on July 23rd and will run until 2:59AM ET on July 28th, granting Xbox owners a first look at the multiplayer for the game.

However those on the PS3 and PS4 will still get the beta deal, with the beta kicking off on July 17th and ending on July 28th at 2:59 ET, which is a ton more time than the Xbox, despite the fact that Bungie will be taking everything offline for maintenance from July 21st to July 23rd.

Bungie also announced a couple of new deluxe versions for the game, including a Ghost edition for $149.99, and a limited edition pack that costs $99.

You can find out more about the different versions of the game and where to purchase them here.

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