Destiny’s next expansion is set to be released by Bungie very soon, called Rise of Iron, we have heard a lot of news about the changes that will be included with it, but Bungie left one awesome on for today.

This is the addition of private PvP matches in Destiny, something that the community has been waiting for since the original launch of Destiny.

Bungie announced this great news during a livestream that they hosted at Gamescom in Germany today.

The Private matches will be added in with Rise of Iron on September 20th, alongside the launch of the DLC.

When it does launch, you will be able to customise the options for your private PvP match, from the map to the game time, all the way up to the time of day.

You can see those options in the screenshot above.

We will keep you updated with more news from Destiny and Gamescom when we hear it. You can watch the highlight from the stream at the source link below in the meantime.

Source: Twitch

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